What I learned this week.

This week was spent on polishing internal mechanics and starting to dip my toe in the water of mixing them about in some functional levels. By the end of next week 60% of dev time will be spent focused level design, with the rest split up over new art, audio, and getting things prepped for private playtesting!

A couple things I took away this week while working on on Super Galaxy Boy:

 Rechargeable batteries. My wireless gamepads are burning through juice with constant 10+ hour use per day. Get some rechargeable batteries or a cable so the spice may flow!

 If your game has gradients, gifs are not good for presentation, and since Google are slow in supporting .apng we’re left with video. On social networks there is a downside because gifs auto-play and videos do not, but that must be the sacrifice to make for higher quality examples of gameplay.

Can we just get .webm as a standard already? Sheesh.

 Be honest with your skill level and make reasonable estimates in how long each section of development will take. I’ve learned to really apply a realistic development schedule and stick to it. Not only are things moving faster but the projects focus remains clear and the pressure to ‘finish’ isn’t there.

 Reward yourself for staying on schedule. I have a Nintendo Switch that I take into the living room or the dog park when I want a break. Being able to reward yourself with a treat that also includes fresh air and moving around every time you complete a series of goals is a really healthy way to train yourself to stay focused and interested in the projects you’re working on. Find something you can spend 30 minutes on every few hours so you can do a quick recharge and train your body to become addicted to the reward of success.

 There is only one thing I see as beautiful as my beloved wife, and that is math. All hail the number. (And you too, sweetheart!)