Been too long since I posted but I’ve just been busy busy busy!

 I may be showing off an early alpha build at a gaming con this summer. News on that later.

I will be sending out alpha testing details in June. If you want to get in on the fun, sign up at: SuperGalaxyBoy.com

 Some have been asking if I am planning on a mobile version and the short answer is, not this year. I would have to re-create the game for a mobile project due to the gamepad design. That doesn’t mean that “Super Galaxy Boy: GO!” isn’t impossible, that’s just way too far away from today to make any decisions. Applies to both iOS and Android.

Here is some development since I last posted in a giant  gif/video dump. Enjoy!

New  Star Key mechanic:

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inside planets:

More dangerous planet types:

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Unlockable teleporters:

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Omni-directional super jumping:

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New Alpha Enemy Types:

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Having fun with a bonus idea:

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If you made it this far, thanks for reading!