Let’s do the time warp again!

I’m building a puzzle system that I can nest within itself, in that regard I’ve created “Timed Event Zones” that are at the core a simple race to beat the clock.

Dynamic event triggers allow me to easily create new obstacle combinations with the added challenge of a time limit within larger worlds that don’t remain a stagnate overarching experience. I would rather give the player a world of micro challenges that can be repeated easily than one long unforgiving challenge as an entire level.

With repetition in mind I have designed to the collectables that are spawned within this system to remain with the player even at failure. Level specific items such as Star Keys or Spaceship Gears will not fall under this ruleset so that challenges are rewarding.

As you can see by the above gif, failure to reach the ‘finish line’ in time results in the event being reset with the player being teleported back. I’ve handled it this way so the player can jump right back into the challenge without long delays.

This game will not be for the faint of heart in terms of difficulty and as such I want to make the quality of life in between challenges as streamlined as possible. If you’re going to die a lot, you should be back in the challenge as quickly as you can.