The Devil is inside the walls!

The most ‘unfinished’ piece of all the current Alpha stage mechanics is – or should I say was – the inside planet mechanics.

Now they are fully dynamic and tied to the trigger and spawning system.  With their own unique gravity and rules I can change on the fly. They also inherit all of the other 14 planet mechanics (Mud, Ice, Magnet, etc) so there is a LOT of room for fun puzzle design here!

With that finished up, all the core mechanics are alpha stage ready and that means it is time to move onto the most ever-changing aspect of Alpha and that is level design.

I am aiming for Alpha to be 7 worlds quickly introducing the 14 core planet mechanics with a few worlds left for fun to showcase the game’s overall concept.  This should be plenty of content in order to get feedback and help cement design decisions for later.