Super Galaxy Boy Music.

I’m going to try something terrifying for this game and that is to design the soundtrack myself. Only problem with that is I don’t know how to make music or play an instrument.

Super Galaxy Boy has roughly an 11 months window for primary development, which provides me with 9 months to learn an instrument and compose a simple soundtrack for the game that reflects the adventure I am attempting to create.

That being said, I went out and bought a piano and settled in to begin learning the basics of music and I have begun many hours of practice per day. On average I am doing 2-4, much more planned on the weekends.

I have also begun and will continue to stream my daily practice sessions online. This is not for entertainment value per-se but to share my learning experiences with the world day by day Рand also to document the process for a study at the end of a year of playing.  This will include composing the music for Super Galaxy Boy!

I want to offer up my fear of embarrassment as a journey for others to pick up the brush or an instrument and create. If a bumbling giant like myself can pick do it then so can anyone else.