Super Galaxy Boy Overhaul!

2017 hosted the first alpha launch of Super Galaxy Boy and I’ve been collecting player feedback for several months now from 100’s of players. With this feedback I have narrowed down the weakest parts of the game and in reflection the weakest parts of my workflow and production.

Long story short, the game in it’s current form isn’t that great. In being honest with my design practices and output I realized that the pacing and level design scope are far outside of my current reach – and that is okay. Rather than allow my weakest skills to bring down my best, I will be changing the direction of the gameplay and focusing on the fun aspects and building out from that. This overhaul isn’t as dramatic as it sounds but it did call for a refocus on gameplay mechanics and looking at the game from a fresh perspective.

Examples of changes:
– Game will no longer be ‘mario-style’ level driven.
– More open but compact worlds with things to do rather than ’empty space’ platforming.
– Much faster pace gameplay, revamped control scheme to support new speed. (Twin-stick shooter/platformer setup)
– Major change to combat: Player and enemies now have health. Many new enemy types. New battle pickups and ammunition types. (Example: Shields, portals, black holes, elemental ammunitions)
– Revamp to jumping mechanics: Player now controls gravity.
– Win mechanics have changed: Rebuild and defend special ships or buildings using collected technology while combating enemies, weather, and challenging puzzles.

As much as I would love to make a greater full-length platformer experience, sometimes it is best to do what you’re good at and not what you want. Revising the game is for the best and I look forward to exploring the fresh changes with a second alpha that I plan on releasing to the public in the second quarter of 2018!

Last but not least: Thank you. Thank you for your support and feedback and I look forward to showing you these changes in 2018!

May the new year be a wonderful year for everyone!