New blog + Game roadmap!

Hello, welcome to the shiny new blog!

How are things in your party of the galaxy? I’ve recently come back from a 2 week vacation and have launched a bunch of new stuff (check out the contest!) that I hope you will enjoy!

 New update schedule:
I will be posting weekly game updates for you, every Tuesday morning! This is a better schedule to properly fit my development time and ensure regular updates you can rely on. This doesn’t limit posts to once a week but it ensures a quality content filled weekly update!

 New Steam Store Page!
Super Galaxy Boy has found a home on Steam! Please add this to your Steam wishlist today!

 Game Roadmap:
Alpha is in the hands of a few and feedback so far is great! Much love for all of your support! I will be rolling out more build updates and inviting more players with each build update! (Alpha access gives you the ability to submit content feedback and follow the games alpha tracker!)

  • Aug-Oct: Alpha builds roll out.
  • Nov-Dec: Start of Beta!
  • Jan 2018: Release!
  • Feb 2018: (Free) Co-op missions update!

If you’re interested in helping forge the direction of this adventure, be sure to sign up for access!

Thank you for reading today, see you next time!
– Michael