Combat rewrite.

Today was a grab bag of little things I wanted to work on, the biggest being the raygun combat system.

 I rewrote the entire system for the raygun. Aim is now done with right-stick and the right trigger fires. This gives the player free aiming while moving without concern for gravity and the things of the like. The general feedback on the original version just didn’t have the control needed so it was scrapped. I’m quite happy with the current iteration.

 I updated my core enemies with the new movement system, they can now mimic full player movement (yay jumping) but for now they prefer to just move around in a circle jumping.

 I also added the new dynamic trigger system. This allows me to create custom events on the fly to trigger new events, reveal items, planets, etc. Pretty standard platformer faire.

Okay! That’s about it for today! More updates and gifs tomorrow!