Apple Pie.

The late great Carl Sagan once said: “If you want to make an apple pie from scratch, you must first invent the universe.” In my case it is a video game but the rules still apply.

Now that I am focused on level design I am learning a lot about how difficult it really is. I am not surprised at this, however I was wise to set aside a lot of time to give myself room to build and destroy over and over until I get it right.  That being said, as difficult as it is the challenge is VERY welcoming! It’s a fun challenge and the rewards are equally good.

I will be focusing solely on level design for the alpha build that will be accessible to some in June! Woo! I will continue to try and post more but there is such a thing as “too much” at an early stage and I am focused on success.

Success is always built atop failure. Here are some of those times.

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Now I know that isn’t right.