Alpha Teaser.

I was advised to secure my Steam storefront in order to get my game’s name out and start on SEO and all that. Okay, makes sense. However the game is still in alpha and in lieu of not having a game teaser on the store page, I sided with ‘better this than nothing.’

So, in the spirit of ‘winging it’ here is a short teaser for Super Galaxy Boy. Please enjoy.

While this isn’t a massive achievement in the grand scale of things, it is somewhat of a milestone and gives a chance to reflect back on the last 80 days since I’ve started this project and what the future of it holds. The game I designed on paper is coming to life on screen and I am focused on sticking with the rules I set forth because as of right now the strict discipline is paying off.

I don’t want to jump the gun on anything because it is still so early but I am delighted to see all the feedback – both positive and critical – and all the genuine love and support people have shown. Anyone in game design knows this definitely isn’t a ‘get rich quick scheme’ and so the life of this project is built on feedback and support that comes from everyone willing to share their time to voice their thoughts.┬áThese traits are invaluable to me as both a game designer and as an ever-growing human being.

Thank you for riding along on this journey with me. I promise there will be cake and pie when we arrive at our destination.

– Michael